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Case studies

Emissions to air from Gas Turbines

In developed and developing economies there is an increased interest in gas fuelled power e.g. Gas Turbines. Gas power is generally cleaner than coal. With relatively little sulphur the main pollutants of concern are NOx and CO both of which can be removed using SCR and oxidation catalysts respectively.



SCR and CO Reactor
Schematic showing a DeNOx SCR and Oxidation Catalyst for a combined cycle gas turbine

Very low NOx emissions can be achieved in well-designed SCR reactors and with optimised ammonia dosing and mixing. Some tolerance can be designed into the system by installing ammonia slip catalysts. Recently systems have been designed that combine the oxidation and ammonia destruction function – leading to greater efficiencies.

The movement of gas from its point of extraction to its point of use requires a significant infrastructure including an extensive pipeline network. At various locations in the network the gas is compressed to keep it under pressure and moving to where it is required. These compressor stations are either gas turbines or internal combustion (IC) engines.