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Air pollution in OECD countries has fallen in recent years, and is expected to continue to fall in the coming decades, driven by tighter emission regulations. However, substantial increases in air pollution are projected to occur in the key emerging economies. Air pollution concentrations in some cities, particularly in Asia, are already far above acceptable health standards (e.g., the World Health Organization’s Air Quality Guideline) – leading to severe issues with health and millions of pre-mature deaths. The consequences on public health are now being realised. In the UK alone poor air quality causes over 40,000 deaths per year. In China 1.6 million people die each year from heart, lung and stroke problems because of polluted air.

Catalytic after-treatment often represents the most cost effective means of controlling emissions to air from stationary sources.  ACCESSA will use its voice to demonstrate to regulators and the wider sector that tighter emission control can be met through commercially available and developmental catalytic after-treatment.